Teravail Standard Tube - 24 x 1-1/8 - 1-1/2, 35mm Schrader Valve

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The Teravail Standard Schrader Valve tubes feature our widest variety of tube sizes and valve lengths with a proven record of high quality control and consistent availability.

  • Dealers can expect to receive mixed packaging for a period of time as the Q-Tubes brand is phased out and replaced by Teravail tubes. In all cases Teravail tubes will serve the same functional range as their predecessors at a minimum. In some cases Teravail tubes may serve a broader functional range.
  • Tubes have an ISO diameter of 540, however some packaging may incorrectly state the ISO as 520
  • 0.9mm wall thickness
  • Removable Schrader valve core
  • Teravail Standard packaging features environmentally friendly soy ink printing on recycled cardboard