Frequently Asked Questions

  How long does it take to tune up my bike? 

Generally, most repairs can be completed within 3-5 days from the time they are dropped off.  If you simply have a flat or a simple repair they can be completed in some cases as you wait.  In these cases it's dependent on the current work load and other variables.  We also schedule repairs if you need your bike for training purposes or need it for everyday transportation.  We ask that if you want to schedule a repair please stop by the shop with the bike 7-10 days before the needed service.  This allows us to thoroughly examine the bike and allows time to order parts if need be.  During times in the season these times can fluctuate due to high repair volume for example, the week leading up to major cycling events like the Pan Mass Challenge or similar events.  If you are doing such events we highly suggest letting us know so we can pencil you in for the final check before your event.




How much does a new bike cost?







The cost of a new bike varies depending on the style of bike you are interested in.  Most road bikes with drop handlebars or sometimes referred to as racing bikes start around $600 and can exceed $10,000 dependent on many variable including frame material, components and manufacturer.  In the hybrid style bike which is a wide category including flat handlebar road bikes, fitness bikes and cruisers the prices start as low as $250 and can top out around $1000.  Mountain bikes start as low as $275 and can go as high as $7000+ depending on the style, brand and components.  Finally, kids bikes start as low as $60 for a basic tricycle and top out around $1000.