About us

Our emphasis is on first-rate bicycle service with an eye to ensuring rider comfort, safety, and fit. We strive to provide excellent service while working in a framework of sustainability and community development.

Values and Goals

At Centraal Cycle our core beliefs are derived from our commitment to the sport of cycling - in all of its many forms. Cycling is a low impact sport, its wear and tear is limited on both the body and on the environment. We take this as an example and apply it to the way we run the shop: our bicycles must always be optimally matched to each customer and our shop's services must leave a limited footprint on the environment.

Bicycle Fit

Our customers ride bicycles for many reasons, some for exercise, some for sport, and others as a means of transportation. While we hope they all, also, ride for fun, we realize there are many things that we can do as a shop to enhance each customer's cycling experience. One of the most important assets we offer, and one that is universally important to cyclists, is assistance in finding the proper fit to every bicycle. A proper fit maximizes ride efficiency and rider happiness.

Sustainable Practices

As cycling promotes clean living as a lifestyle, Centraal Cycle is committed to using sustainable products and practices in its shop environment. We employ a variety of methods to make sure our shop work is eco-friendly: we try to minimize our waste output, recycle materials, and use green products. The following is a quick list of the initiatives we take advantage of:

  1. Recycled Packaging - Everything in the bicycling industry arrives on our doorstep packaged in cardboard. On any given week the shop can have up to 400 pounds of cardboard pass through its doors. We collect this cardboard and all other paper products and take it to North Shore Recycled Fibers in Salem, MA. Our plastic is also collected and recycled with the help of the municipality of Beverly.
  2. Recycled Parts - All of the metal that we strip off of the bikes in our Repair stands is also collected and taken to be recycled. Of particular note, all chains that we collect - as long as they aren't too rusty - are shipped off to Resource Revival in Portland, OR to be refashioned into bicycle themed artwork and household goods.
  3. Eco-Friendly Shop Supplies - When we work on your bicycle in our shop we choose to use Pedro's line of lubes and cleaners, which are fully biodegradable. Our in-store parts cleaner also operates apart from the water supply in a closed system; we only need to replace the water in it every six months.

Community Development

Centraal Cycle takes its role in the community seriously. We look to give back to the town in any way we can. From sponsoring the local bike race, hiring promising young high schoolers as apprentices, or putting up a road-side bicycle rack for commuters, Centraal Cycle is a local business first and foremost and prides itself on being such.