Shimano SH-R088L Road Shoe

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The SH-R088 sets the pace for performance on a budget. Less expensive fabric and materials built on the same last and general design of proven higher end shoes result in a finished product that will impress and exceed expectations of a shoe at this price point.

The R088 upper has a soft synthetic material that does a good job of surrounding the foot without leaving gaps and voids. Several mesh panels provide your foot with good temperature regulation. One micro-adjustable ratchet buckle and two Velcro hook and loop straps take care of securing your foot in the shoe. Shimano's proven Dynalast fit a variety of foot shapes and profiles. Over the past two decades, Shimano designers and engineers has perfected the lasting of their shoes to what most riders consider perfection.

Shimano choose a stiff and rugged glass fiber reinforced polyamide sole to complete the R088. This is fancy-speak for a durable plastic sole that is reinforced with a fiberglass laminate. What you end up with is a sole that is stiff, light and durable, but doesn't cost as much to produce as a full carbon product. The sole sports Shimano adjustable cleat mount which allows you the widest range of cleat positioning currently offered in a cycling shoe. Molded rubber tabs on the toe and heel add longevity to the shoes and provide excellent grip.