Praxis Works M30 BB86/90/92 Bottom Bracket - For 30/28mm Stepped Spindle

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This Press Fit BB is used for many different frame types that have a 41mm Diameter

  • Praxis M30 crank spindle specific 30mm drive bearing/28mm nondrive bearing
  • For use with Zayante, Alba, Girder and Cadet cranks
  • Made with Enduro bearings and high grade grease
  • Steel press fit with integrated bearing
  • Use BB press tool/drift for installation, and a cup-removal tool for removal
  • Model: M30 road/mountain
  • Interface: 30/28mm
  • Shell: BB86/90/92
  • Weight: 65g.
  • Color: Black
  • NOTE: Praxis M30 bottom brackets have a 30mm Drive and a 28mm NonDrive Bearing. These are specifically made for use with Praxis M30 spindles. A drive-side wave washer is used for preload of the bearings