Ergon GS1 Evo Grips - Moondust Grey

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The GS1 Evo redefines what ergonomic comfort can be for bikepacking, trail, endurance, fitness and ebikes by minimizing aching hands and numb fingers. Ergon took the best-selling GP1 winged grip and evolved it with popular characteristics of the off-road specific GA3. The GS1 Evo features a larger supportive wing than the GA3 and a sleeker profile than the GP1, a specific textured grip zone for the thumb, fingers and palm and a softer overall touch. Always prioritizing materials, the GS1 Evo is composed a proprietary rubber compound Made in Germany. From quick jaunts across town to endurance events to journeys across continents, the GS1 Evo is a new favorite among many riders!

  • Dual touch surface for soft grip
  • Three texture zones adapted to the hand's anatomy
  • Enhanced wing shape for pressure distribution
  • 100% Made in Germany - Design, Development and Production
  • Medical LongLife Rubber Compound, Made in Germany
  • Latex free, UV stable and hypoallergenic rubber compound