Canfield Crampon Mountain Pedals

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  • $ 159.99

The Crampon Mountain shares many of the features that make the Crampon Ultimate one of the best pedals on the market, including the patented convex shape, ultra-thin 6-millimeter leading edges and double sided pins for easy removal, combined with a fresh new look, an even larger 112-millimeter by 106-millimeter platform and virtually maintenance free internals that utilizes a bushing at the axle side and stacked bearings at the end internally.

  • 398 grams
  • Thin 6mm front impact edges
  • 106mm x 112mm wide platforms
  • Polished, anodized finish
  • Hybrid sealed bearings/DU bushing system
  • Chromoly axle
  • Replaceable dual sided pins, (allen key on both sides)
  • Patented convex shape

BREAK-IN PERIOD: It is normal for Canfield Crampon pedals to feel “stiff” when new or after a rebuild, espcially compared to the used, worn-out pedals they are replacing. Pedals will break in and spin more freely after a few rides.