Product Review -


The ALLEGRO X line from JAMIS is billed as the cross training model from their selection of Street/Commuter bikes. To quote the manufacturer, "In short, the Allegro X gives you want you need to be a weekend hero, seven days a week." In my three years of bombing around on an Allegro 3X (now know as the Allegro X Elite), I've found this statement holds up.

While you won't win any races, the Allegro X is more than capable and efficient for 15-20 mile road rides, and with it's wider tires and with a simple flick of the switch on the lockable suspension fork, those always tempting dirt roads and paths are yours to explore. These features also come in handy for smoothing out the many potholes and construction sites we often encounter riding around town. The bike's disc brakes provide excellent stopping power in all weather conditions or when loaded down with gear or groceries.

As a commuter, this bike is bomb proof! Potholes, curbs, even pedestrians texting on their phones- nothing phases it. It has plenty of room for fenders and is sturdy and stable enough to carry a rack loaded down with everything you need. The only potential caveat as a commuter would be it's weight. If you live in a third floor walk- up or carry your bike on and off the train a lot and you rarely see dirt, something lighter like the original ALLEGRO line or the JAMIS CODA line might be a better match for you.

While all the features of the Allegro X make it fun for an experienced rider, the easy to use components and a slightly upright riding position make it a great bike for a reasonably fit novice as well.

Bottom line- if you're looking for an urban assault vehicle for your daily commute, a fitness bike that can handle anything you throw at it, or if you are a beginner not sure if you're more comfortable on the road or off, the JAMIS ALLEGRO X line of bikes has what you need. And with price points of $575, $725 & $1050, you'll find one that fits your budget as well.