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Curbside Service

Currently we are still operating business curbside. When you arrive at the shop just knock on the door or call us as you arrive to pick up purchases from the website, pick up or drop off repairs or inquire about new products.

We plan on continuing this practice until all employees are vaccinated. Over the last year we have had to cease business twice due to potential exposure to Covid-19. Both situations returned negative test but it did cost us time, business and stress.. For this reason we have chosen to not allow customers into the store as we enter the busy season. 

Please wear a mask.

Service Backlog

Cycling has seen a revitalized interest during the pandemic. With more people working from home and not going to gyms or taking public transit, cycling has grown like other outdoor activities over the last year. 

We are a small shop that focuses on high quality service. We pride ourselves on doing things right the first time. This takes time, our current backlog on repair work is 6 weeks and growing. At the peak of last summer we were 12 weeks out on service. The reality is we don't have a large enough shop, enough employees or time in a day to get it all done. 

Plan accordingly and plan ahead.

Shortage of Bicycle and Parts Inventory

When we receive bikes that are not backordered or previously reserved we post bike inventory on our website. If you see something you like we suggest buying it thru the website, we will contact you when we have the order and arrange a date to pick up the bike. Popular models like kids bikes and hybrids can sell through in a day. There is a wide spread shortage of bikes and parts. 

 Due to the shortage, Repair times can be heavily drawn out. We are seeing backorder dates for basic components reaching out to October and November.


Thanks to all our customers for their support and patience.